Suggested minimum donation to the artist is $25.
Donations are required for reserved seats.

Our Next House Concert

Butch Morgan
June 23, 2024 3 pm

Claude Butch Morgan is a triple threat on the Texas music scene; he is a songwriter, storyteller, and guitarist who is constantly pushing his limits as a performer. He honed his chops as a guitar player in various USO bands while in the military during Vietnam, then came home to the San Antonio area and became known across Texas for his lead guitar skills and his energetic performance style

What is a House Concert?

Music has been part of human life since time immemorial. Before the technology of recorded sound, music was shared only in a live setting. Audiences listened to the music, not to each other. Today, house concerts are growing across America and the world as an age old method of providing a venue for performing artists where invited patrons can donate directly to the artist with 100% of their donations going to the artist. Creekbottom Music House Concerts is proud to be a part of this network and honored to be among the patrons of our performing musicians.

We have a small private venue, our home studio room with a small stage and seating for 40, ensuring an intimate acoustic experience with the artist. Concerts are private, by invitation only, and reservations are required. Our artists are generally singer/songwriters performing their own original music and will have CDs and other merchandise available for purchase. We feature only the musicians whom we personally have enjoyed performing live and believe our audiences will enjoy them too. No alcohol will be offered, however, if you prefer to BYOB, you may do so.

How to Attend a Concert

Our concerts are private events. Invitations and reservation instructions are sent to those folks on our email list for the periodic "Newsletter and Invitation". To get on the email list for the newsletter, please sign up by clicking on the "Email Sign Up" button below right. If the concert is not sold out, you can make reservations from the "Reserve Now" link in the email newsletter.

After clicking on the "Reserve Now" link in the "Newsletter and Invitation", reserve seats for any/all concerts by donating to the artist(s) on the reservations page. The reservation link also includes instructions for payment by check. You are encouraged to bring as many guests as you wish as long as you reserve the proper number of seats.

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